Our Therapists

The Therapeutic Massage Centre has several well trained and experienced RMT’s. Some of who offer online bookings as well as direct billing. We also offer Reiki, Hot Stone Massage, pre-natal massage, and an RPN foot care specialist.

Our goal at the Therapeutic Massage Centre is to provide you with professional care that is client-focused and based on your needs.
We hope you will consider contacting our exceptional health care team!


Registered Massage Therapist, Owner

Angela began the Therapeutic Massage Centre in 1996. Since then she has developed a solid clientele who has followed her and the evolution of the clinic. She has treated clients through various conditions and life stages and continues to work with clients to enhance their well-being.

*Payment by cash, cheque or e-transfer only


Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

10 – 6


10 – 4

Please call the clinic

(613) 969-1172


Registered Massage Therapist, Hot Stone Therapy

Kammi has been a massage therapist for 26 years and has been working with Angela at the Therapeutic Massage Centre for more than 20 of them. She offers regular massage therapy as well as Hot Stone Therapy for her clients.

*Payment by cash, cheque or e-transfer only


Monday – Wednesday

10 – 6


10 – 1

Please call the clinic

(613) 969-1172


Registered Massage Therapist, Reiki Master

Glen has been with the Therapeutic Massage Centre since 2013, and has been a Registered Massage Therapist since fall 1999. He began his Reiki training in the traditional Usui System of Natural Healing in 1995 and was initiated to the Master level in 2001. He is also a graduate of the Physical Fitness Instructor Program from Fanshawe College.

Glen applies his knowledge of massage therapy and adds his awareness of the body’s energy and his understanding of athletics to his practice.

Glen enjoys working with clients of all ages and abilities.

*Payment by cash, credit, debit, e-transfer or cheque


Monday, Friday

10 – 3:30

Tuesday, Wednesday

9:45 – 7


11:15 – 7


Registered Massage Therapist

Jenna graduated from Sir Sanford Fleming massage Therapy in 2013 and joined the Therapeutic Massage Centre shortly after.

Since graduating she has taken additional courses in shoulder dysfunctions, cervical and thoracic mobilizations, and taping. Jenna uses research-based training to effectively assess and treat a variety of clients and manage their needs.

*Payment by cash, debit, credit, e-transfer or cheque. Jenna also offers direct billing.


Monday, Wednesday

10 – 4:30

Tuesday, Thursday

10 – 6:30


Registered Massage Therapist

Natalie has worked at the Therapeutic Massage Centre since 2019, coming back to the area after working as an RMT in Hamilton and Vancouver for the past 9 years.

She works with a variety of clients including for pre-natal and post-natal care (with or without a pregnancy pillow), injury recovery and migraine/headache relief.

*Payment by cash, debit, credit, e-transfer or cheque. Natalie offers direct billing as well.


Monday – Thursday

11 – 6


10 – 3


Registered Practical Nurse/Footcare Nurse

Stefanie was an RPN for 12 years before she began Total Foot Health in 2021 and has been grateful to be able to serve her community through foot care.

She has experience in Long Term Care, behavioural support, acute stroke care and rehabilitation. She is specialized in treating clients with diabetes, peripheral vascular disease, arthritic conditions, neurological disorders and those with compromised immunity.

Foot Care – $40
Fingernail Care – $10



9 – 4

Please call

(613) 849-4161